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The Importance of Captured Moments

Congratulations to my grandparents, Evelyn and Jim Veitch, on their 53rd wedding anniversary!

Breakfast at Tiffany's, 101 Dalmatians, West Side Story...What do these films have in common? They were all released in 1961...53 years old. My grandparents wedding film is also 53 years old. Because of this 8mm film reel I get to relive their wedding day with them as though I was a part of it. I get to meet the people that were important to them and share in their special day whereas before they were just part of a story passed down. Thank you Grandma and Pa for passing down the memory of the best day of your life.

With today's technology in the palm of our hands, we have the ability to take pictures and videos instantly. Will your pictures and videos tell a story 53 years later?