ninety seven films


Do you have a drone?

As of right now we don’t use drones as they’re not legal to fly over people. We know other companies offer drones but it’s a huge liability. And worst case…we don’t want the drone to hit a guest. We may use drone shots to establish your ceremony or reception locations.

We love love love the new Taylor Swift song. Can you put that in our film?

We only use music that we can license and unfortunately we're unable to use most songs on radio. I mean if you’re friends with T Dizzle and she signs off on the use we’d be more than happy to use it. We license music from these sites:,,, and Take a listen and let us know if there’s a song that you love!

What kind of films do you offer and what’s the difference?

Trailer: 1-2 minute film released online one week after wedding

Wedding Film: 6-8 minute film. We tell the story of your wedding day.

Same Day Film: 4-6 minute film played during reception…usually an hour after introductions during dinner

Documentary Edit: Chronological footage from all hours of coverage set to music. It also includes multi camera archive edits of all wedding events including ceremony and reception.

What is an archive edit?

Archive edits include your ceremony, speeches, and formal dances. These edits will allow you to watch those events in full. They are typically 2-3 hours in length.

What is raw footage?

Raw footage is unedited clips from all hours of coverage put together in one edit. There may be many shots out of focus or moving around a lot. It includes bride and groom preps, details of ceremony and reception, cocktails, etc. We pull from this footage for the creative edits. Raw footage does not include your ceremony and reception since you’ll have that in your archive edit!

When do we get our films? And what’s the format?

All cinematic films and archive edits would be included as a downloadable digital copy 6-8 weeks after your wedding date.

Can we get our films on DVD or Blu Ray?

Yes to both although the quality is going to be lower (may look fuzzy/pixelated) on DVDs.

Who will be there on our wedding day?

We have two teams right now and you’ll either have Katie or Bo as your lead cinematographer (but we hope you won’t be able to tell the difference). Our goal is for our films to be recognized for the artistic craft that goes into editing instead of the person behind the camera.